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Experimental Folk

"In part because of the loose, revolving-door nature of their group, Portland's AU have been difficult to pin down. Though singer/songwriter Luke Wyland and percussionist Dana Valatka have remained the band's creative anchor, AU have often swelled to include a dozen or more players, once topping out at 20 total musicians. And despite frequent comparisons to Animal Collective and Grizzly Bear, they've also suffered from a lack of attention, remaining on the outer fringes of the indie world. With mostly strong records and an unusual, imaginative approach that seems like a shame. Perhaps wanting to correct this disparity, Wyland and Valatka have taken a more streamlined approach to their latest EP, Versions, stripping AU down to its most essential elements."

A ver se vou fazendo isto todas as semanas para encher mais um chouriçe.

2 comentários:

tech disse...

ri-me foi estar aí o nome de Animal Collective e tu achares tão merda, mas como é folk vou sentir isse.

Ricardo disse...

Opa, eu gosto de Animal Collective mas é tipo coisa que maior parte das vezes é meh e não dá vontade de ouvir.

Também não quer dizer que vá ouvir AU para a eternidade. Até porque tem mesmo ar que para a semana cago nisto :aW: