Bold what you did in 2009

Não tenho nada para fazer (que me apeteça fazer, claro) e portanto:

1. Did something you said you would never do.
2. Paid for someone who said they would pay you back but never did. (sim, mas também acontece ao contrário, por isso tá-se)
3. Lied about where you were.
4. Discovered a new musician.
5. Made something for a friend.
6. Got a new phone.
7. Got a new iPod/Zune/Mp3 player.
8. Watched three or more episodes of Saturday Night Live.
9. Made fun of someone.
10. Created a tumblr.
11. Flew on a plane for the first time.
12. Spoke in front of 15 people or more.
13. Met someone in real life that you originally met online.
14. Done something illegal.
15. Did your siblings’ chores for money.
16. Stayed up all night thinking about the worst thing that could possibly happen to later find out that you worried for nothing.
17. Hurt somebody you didn’t mean to hurt.
18. Hugged your mom or dad.
19. Baked a cake.
20. Made a new friend.
21. Lost an old friend.
22. Changed your views on society.
23. Laughed at something that wasn’t funny.
24. Got upset over something that wasn’t a big deal.
25. Had a horrible birthday.
26. Got a facebook.
27. Deleted your myspace.
28. Cried because you missed old times.
29. Cleaned your room.
30. Have a new found appreciation for someone you never expected to.
31. Told someone you love them.
32. Told someone you hate them.
33. Screwed something up but didn’t mean to.
34. Received a gift.
35. Gave a gift.
36. Read a book that wasn’t for school.
37. Ate a lollipop.
38. Threw away something by accident.
39. Smoked a cigarette.
40. Ran a mile.
41. Switched schools.
42. Aced a test.
43. Wished you were in the past.
44. Got scared about the future.
45. Got yelled at by your parents.
46. Lost a family member.
47. Saw an old friend.
48. Went to church/synagogue.
49. Hugged a stuffed animal.
50. Said you’re going to make next year better.

Muito fiz eu em 2009.

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TiagoCovas disse...

39. Smoked a cigarette.

Bota bold nisto. Imaginary cigarettes contam.