Hoje apetece-me Post-punk.

Esta musica cheira-me muito a poço onde o David Fonseca vai/foi beber.

Swung from a chandelier
My planet sweet on a silver salver
Bailed out my worst fears
'Cause man has to be his own saviour
Blind sailors
Imprisoned jailers
God tame us
No one to blame us

The sky is blue
My hands untied
A world that's true
Through our clean eyes
Just look at you
With burning lips
You're living proof
At my fingertips

Walked on a tidal wave
Laughed in the face of a brand new day
Food for survival thought
Mapped out the place where I planned to stay

All the way
Well behaved
Just in case
It slips away

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Joana disse...

Echo é tão bonito *.*

Estudar algebra a ouvir isto é tão tão bonito *.*